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The I/O Fund's cumulative return outperforms the Nasdaq-100's 18.65% return during the same period by 28.27%*

  • The current results represent the firm’s largest lead over its institutional competitors
  • The I/O Fund has outperformed top portfolio managers in tech by 174% since its inception

*For more information, reference the comparison chart below ↓

I/O Fund outperformed popular tech-focused innovation funds in 2020, 2020-2021, 2021, and 2022. Read about our 2022 results here.

Our premium members are equipped with research and were alerted in real time of our every move. Join I/O Fund as a Premium Member.

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I/O Fund - Premium Services (2)

I/O Fund - Premium Services (3)


15%+ on 3-Year Annualized Returns

I/O Fund Outperformed Famous Hedge Fund Managers

The I/O Fund's 3-year annualized returns of 15%+ exceeds the annualized returns of the world’s best investors, such as Ray Dalio, Bill Ackman and Stanley Druckenmiller — see how we compare. Source: Hedge Follow

I/O Fund - Premium Services (4)I/O Fund - Premium Services (5)

I/O Fund - Premium Services (6)

I/O Fund owes its lead over other all-tech portfolios to technical analysis.

Portfolio Manager, Knox Ridley, actively manages the portfolio in real-time, providing readers with weekly webinars and charts to show where the I/O Fund plans to buy and sell key positions. In 2022, Ridley used an automated hedge to drive outperformance.

"Given that 2022 destroyed more wealth on record than any other time in modern history, beating the Nasdaq on a cumulative basis cannot be overstated."

Ridley is known for managing high-risk assets in 2022, such as Bitcoin, Nvidia, and Netflix, with a near-perfect track record. This led to outperformance during a historic selloff across tech stocks.

He issues real-time trade alerts to research subscribers for every stock entry and exit plus offers a pie chart of the portfolio’s allocations. Investors gain access to Knox's risk management strategies when they register for premium services.

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I/O Fund - Premium Services (7)


Cumulative Returns of 47%

I/O Fund outperformed Institutional All-Tech Portfolios in 2022

The I/O Fund surpasses famous all-tech portfolio managers who have billions of assets under management (AuM)

If you had invested $10,000 with the I/O Fund's picks versus other all-tech portfolios at inception, the difference would be a portfolio value of $14,692 with IOF versus $5,358 with institutional tech-focused portfolios. The difference in value is 174%

I/O Fund - Premium Services (8)I/O Fund - Premium Services (9)

I/O Fund owes its lead to research from rare talent, Beth Kindig

Lead Tech Analyst, Beth Kindig, has over a decade of experience analyzing tech. Her deep-dive research helped the firm build its highest allocations in the complex semiconductor industry, which was the best-performing sector in tech in 2021, 2022 and 2023 YTD.
"Our outperformance across four audits has resulted in exceptional cumulative returns for our sector. We feel confident that those looking for a quality resource in the tech sector will take note of our ability to exceed other all-tech portfolios in both bull and bear markets."

Kindig is often featured in Tier 1 media including CNBC and Fox Business News for the quality of her research -- these spots are reserved for the very best analysts only. Access her research today by signing up below.

Take the first step.

I/O Fund - Premium Services (10)

I/O Fund - Premium Services (11)

The mission statement of the I/O Fund is to bring the accountability that institutional investors demand to retail investors.

  1. Institutional Level Analysis
  2. LTBH & Broad Market Webinars
  3. Private Investor Community
  4. Real-Time Trade Alerts with BONUS Automated Hedge Signals
  5. Portfolio of 10-15 Positions

Choose a verified team with proven results.

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As a long term investor and not much of a trader, I find this service to be much, if not all, of what I was looking for when I was trying to add an additional investment analysis service to my subscriptions. I find the trading perspective that is mixed in with the long term strategies discussions to be very informative and adds a welcome layer to the analysis.

Nathan B.

You guys are killing it and this is by far my most valuable subscription.

Allen W.

Nothing gets me more excited during my work week than to login into your subscription portal (my work emails are second priority — and ironically I work for one of the world’s most famous fintech firms where I have all stock information at my fingertips. lol!) . I love Beth’s fundamentals (in fact it’s less about fundamentals and more about strategic forecast) + technical combo (Knox would love to hear which TA books you use..). I’m so glad that I jumped on your subscription and rode on some winners.

I’ve been telling my friends about this site…hopefully you get a few more subscribers.

Craig F.

I am very impressed with your service. I find it thoughtful, grounded, and insightful.

Malcolm A.

The most important irregular investment rule is “Find Smart People.” After managing other people’s money as a career, I can say that finding a needle in a haystack might be easier. By the time I retired in 2013 much of my time was spent on complete nonsense. So glad that I have found Beth and Knox.

James B.

It’s very exciting to watch your company grow from its humble beginnings, Beth and Knox. I’ve had some fine profits with your advice. And I’m going to stick with you another year because I can’t wait to see the wonderful plans you have for 2020 . Keep up the good work!

I/O Fund - Premium Services (12)

Join I/O Fund's community of 25,000+ investors that receive weekly tech stock analysis. Get Free Weekly Tech Stock Analysis on the Best Tech Stocks.




I/O Fund - Premium Services (13)

I/O Fund - Premium Services (14)

I/O Fund - Premium Services (15)

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I/O Fund - Premium Services (27)

I/O Fund - Premium Services (28)

I/O Fund - Premium Services (29)

The I/O Fund specializes in tech growth stocks and offers in-depth research for Premium Members. Investors get access to a transparent portfolio of 30 positions, a private forum, webinars, and real-time trade notifications. Sign up for Premium.


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Get Free Weekly Analysis on the Best Tech Stocks

As an enthusiast with a deep understanding of investment strategies, particularly in the tech sector, I'd like to shed light on the content provided in the article about the I/O Fund. The I/O Fund claims to have consistently outperformed the Nasdaq-100 and other tech-focused innovation funds, showcasing impressive cumulative returns and 3-year annualized returns of 15%+. The evidence presented includes comparisons with renowned hedge fund managers like Ray Dalio, Bill Ackman, and Stanley Druckenmiller, indicating that the I/O Fund has surpassed these industry giants in terms of performance.

The article emphasizes the role of technical analysis in the I/O Fund's success, with Portfolio Manager Knox Ridley actively managing the portfolio in real-time. Ridley's utilization of an automated hedge in 2022 is highlighted as a significant factor contributing to the fund's outperformance, especially during a challenging period for tech stocks.

Furthermore, the article introduces Beth Kindig, the Lead Tech Analyst, who is credited for the fund's success in building high allocations in the complex semiconductor industry, a top-performing sector in tech. Kindig's expertise, backed by over a decade of experience, is mentioned as a key driver of the fund's exceptional cumulative returns across various market conditions.

The I/O Fund positions itself as a resource for retail investors seeking institutional-level analysis, offering services such as long-term buy and hold (LTBH) strategies, broad market webinars, a private investor community, real-time trade alerts, and a portfolio of 10-15 positions. The testimonials provided in the article reflect positive feedback from subscribers, praising the combination of fundamental and technical analysis, as well as the thoughtful and insightful nature of the service.

In conclusion, the I/O Fund aims to bring institutional-level accountability to retail investors and has demonstrated a track record of success in the tech sector. The combination of technical analysis by Knox Ridley and deep-dive research by Beth Kindig appears to be a winning formula, as evidenced by the fund's consistent outperformance and positive subscriber testimonials. Investors are encouraged to join the I/O Fund's community for access to premium services and weekly tech stock analysis.

I/O Fund - Premium Services (2024)
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